Northern Foothills Tennis Club

171 West Magnolia Road

North Wilkesboro, NC  28659

336-927-3859  Beckie's Cell

Hours of Operation  

Monday - Thursday  8:00 am 

Saturday  8:00am 

Sunday  1-6


Private Lessons/Members ............. $45/hr
Private Lessons/Non-members ..... $55/hr


Racket Stringing*/Members .........$25-$30

Racket stringing*/Non-members ... $30-$35

* includes supplies

Stop on by our new NFTPC clubhouse and store! Here, you can talk with our club Pro and find out about all of the fun and exciting opportunities at NFTPC.


You can also get exceptional services such as racket stringing and re-gripping.


Look below and take a minute to check out the cool and latest tennis apparel and supplies available at the clubhouse. And,  if you don't see it listed on this page, don't hesitate to ask Beckie and she will place a special order for you whenever possible.

Rent Ball Machine



NEW Long sleeve T's





Sizes:  Youth S, M, L and Adult S, M, L, XL




$10.00/3 cans

USTA Rubber Ducky





Cost included in racket stringing services

(available in a vareity of colors and materials)


Assorted Greeting Cards

(prices vary)

Bumper Stickers


Key Ring - Wilson logo


Key Ring - flat tennis ball


Rules and regulation manuals

(special orders - samples available to view at clubhouse)


171 West Magnolia Road  ~ North Wilkesboro, NC  28659 ~ ~ ~ 336-927-3859 


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