By-Laws &

Membership Contract

Rules and Court Bookings


For the benefit of all members, the rules thus set forth must be adhered to by all members and their guests.


  1. Courts are available for play Friday, Saturday and Sunday except for Sunday evening round-robin. Monday until 6pm ,Tuesday, and Thursday from 9:30am- 5pm,  8:00pm to 9pm,  Wednesday 9:30 until 9pm except during special events, as designated on the sign-up board.

  2. Court bookings are on a first-come, first-play basis.

  3. Bookings may be made by members only, after 6:00am on the day of play.  All members’ names must be listed with each booking.

  4. Each booking is limited to only one 1.5 hour time slot if someone is waiting.  This applies to both singles and doubles.  After the first booking is over, a member may book another court, if the time slot is open.

  5. A court booking is considered forfeited if less than two listed players have not arrived and started play within 15 minutes after their assigned time slot, on their assigned court.  Any member, who is waiting to play without a booking, can book the forfeited court for the remainder of the time slot only and on a first-come, first waiting basis.

  6. Organized Club activity bookings take precedence over individual bookings.  Therefore, to avoid disappointment, please check the weekly list of activities and tournaments before you make a booking.

  7. Courts may be used for practice by an individual member, as long as two or more players do not wish to use the court.  A booking is only legitimate if two people show up to play.

  8. Evening Play begins at 8:00pm and ends at 9pm on Monday , Tuesday and Thursdays During Evening Play, all courts will be reserved for Senior [>=18 years old] members only, and only Senior members may book courts.

  9. Juniors may use the courts during Evening Play as follows:

  • a. If they are playing with an adult;

  • b. If they are playing in a scheduled Club competition;

  • c. If Club competition is in progress, and they are participants;

  • d. If the courts are unoccupied and no Seniors wish to play;

    • e. Seniors have the right to take the court at anytime;

    • f.  Juniors must accede to any other Junior waiting to play in the next unoccupied time slot.

    • e. Up to eight (8) Juniors may be designated as Privileged Juniors and as such will have Senior privileges.

  10. Except during Club sanctioned classes and lessons, no more than four (4) persons may play on a court at any time.

  11. Only tennis shoes are permitted on the fenced courts area.

  12. All guests are required to pay a daily membership fee of $5.00 ($3.00 for Juniors) or a weekly membership fee of $10.00.

  13. A non-member is not allowed on the court at any time, except as the guest of a Club member.

  14. It is the Club member’s duty to make sure that he/she and guests are courteous and tidy on and around the courts.

  15. Children not allowed within the fenced courts area at any time, except when taking lessons,

        or during the day when accompanied by an adult member or guest with a reserved time slot.





Tennis Etiquette


Tennis is an enjoyable sport.  Let’s keep it that way by observing a few rules when on or around the courts.


  1. Whether on the court or outside the fenced court area waiting to play, please keep noise levels down.  Loud conversations and comments can distract players and disturb residents in the neighborhood.

  2. Always remain on your assigned court during play.  Do not walk, or chase a ball that gets away from you, onto a different court.  Simply wait for stoppage in play and then ask “Ball, please.”  The player on the other court should politely return your ball in exchange for freedom from interruption and potentially dangerous intrusion onto their court while their ball is in play.

  3. Do not bang or scrape the court with your racket.  Such action damages the court surfaces.

  4. Babysitting and tennis do not mix.  If you must bring young children to the courts with you, please respect the presence of other players.  Do your best to keep children quiet, orderly and safe outside of the fenced court area – minimize through-the-fence conversations.

  5. Rough play, fighting, heated conversations, arguments, vandalism, or abusive language constitutes bad character, lack of sportsmanship and violations of the Northern Foothills Tennis Club rules and will not be tolerated.  Membership and guest play privileges may be revoked for these and other violations.


Court Usage


For the safety and enjoyment of Club members and their guests, we ask that you observe the following policy regarding the usage of NTFC courts and premises.


  1. All persons playing on the court must be a current member in good standing or paying guest accompanied by a member in good standing.  All members and guests must sign in prior to playing on any court for any time slot.

  2. A register of all persons who play on the court must be provided each week to the NFTC, for audit purposes.

  3. The NFTC court booking rules (see Rules section) must be adhered to in that courts may only be booked on the day of play and the names of players must be entered on the booking board on a first-come, first-play basis.

  4. Violations and non-adherence to the following court usage policy will be regarded as a TREPASS and any such incidents will be reported to the Owner and Club President. If deemed necessary, the Sheriff’s Department may be called.