Kids & Teens Summer Camps
Ages 9-12 and 13-15

Tennis or Pickleball!

ROG (red, orange, green balls) - These age-appropriate classes are fun ways to introduce tennis to young children. Classes are grouped as '8 & under' or '10 & under', dependent upon the season.  Skills include throwing, catching, footwork, striking skills, along with social skills. Hand-eye, foot-hand coordination is a major focus through many drills and games.


Children learn colors, shapes, balance, agility and tennis skills that will last a lifetime and ………IT’S FUN!

Ages 9-11 
Ages 12-17
Ages 11-17

This class is for juniors eleven years old and up.  Players usually have had prior lessons and court experience.


These players are looking for a higher level of play and intensity.  Some will play high school tennis while others will compete in State Tournaments and move on to play College Tennis.


This is a full working class that focuses on proper skills, fitness, and strategies including the mental aspect of being successful on the court.

Racket Pickleball on Blue Court.jpg

Adult Beginner Pickleball Skill, Scoring, Play:
Tuesday 11am

Ages 12-17 Pickleball:
Tues/Thursdays 4:30-6pm

Adult Pickleball:
Tues./Thursday 9-10:30 am

NOTE: Morning classes may be delayed due low temps

  Adult Skills Beginner Pickleball:
Tuesdays 6-7:15pm 

Adult Round-Robin Pickleball:
Thursdays 6-7:30pm

    Adult Skills Pickleball:
Wednesday 9-10:30am

NOTE: Morning classes may be delayed due low temps
Sundays 3:30-5pm


Adult Pickleball Strategies, Drills
Wednesdays 9am-10:30 (Fee)

(maximum class size=12)
Adult Cardio Tennis

Cardio tennis is first and foremost a great fitness activity.  Adults of all ages and abilities can participate in cardio tennis at the same time.


Class begins with a warm-up and continues with tennis drills to increase your heart rate to burn calories and to increase your fitness level and improve your tennis skills.


Cardio tennis pushes your fitness to a new high-level energy workout.  It is a fun, challenging and fantastic group activity featuring drills that are play based or skill based to give players of all abilities an ultimate high energy workout.


If you are looking for a healthy new way to exercise and burn calories while having lots of fun… try Adult Cardio Tennis now!